Britalco Production facilities
Britalco machines steel forgings and S.G. and grey cast iron castings at its factory in Wolverhampton using a wide range of machinery. Milling and turning is mainly carried out on 5-axis C.N.C. machinery. Grinding is mainly on Schaudt cylindrical grinding machines except for crankshaft crankpin grinding which utilizes AMC Schou machinery.Production is organized on a batch basis with normal batch sizes ranging from 10 to 200. Lead times are generally around 8 - 10 weeks for initial production and 3-6 weeks for subsequent batches.
The photograph shows a Matchmaker Tsugami 5 Axis MTA3 turning centre on the left, and Schaudt cylindrical grinders on the right. The shafts being machined in the picture are compressor shafts where the main bearings are ground to within 0.01mm (0.0004 inches).

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photo of matchmaker
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